Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MyLikes - word-of-mouth advertising platform for the web

We are finally glad to announce the launch of MyLikes a word of mouth advertising platform for the web.

MyLikes is based on the simple principle that influencers (i.e. bloggers and tweeters) know their audience best. So we let the influencers pick advertisers and create Sponsored Likes for them. They get to showcase them along with regular likes/recommendations that their audience cares about. The Sponsored Likes are clearly marked as sponsored of course. Over the years, most users have developed a blind spot for ads. Sponsored Likes enables advertisers to reach a specific audience through the voices of Influencers who like their product and want to promote it to their audience.

MyLikes has a unique pricing model that incents influencers to be relevant to their audience, gain their trust and increase engagement. We do this by setting the influencer's cost-per-click based on a MyLikes Influence score. The influence score is initially calculated based on Twitter stats, but is later constantly adjusted based on the influencer's historical click through rates. The more users like a particular influencers' content, (sponsored or otherwise), the more they click on it, which in turn increases their Influence score and cost-per-click. By bringing an analytical perspective to this space we aim to make word-of-mouth advertising useful to consumers, influencers and advertiser

Our simple service model makes it easy to become an influencer or an advertiser in a matter of few minutes. - Check it out for yourself here


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