Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MyLikes is excited to have some really smart and influential people on board! :)

Today, we are excited to announce our seed funding and our advisory board. The round was over-subscribed and we wanted to get investments from people we knew and respected.

Investors in the round included Paul Buchheit and Sanjeev Singh, founders of Gmail and FriendFeed and who are currently at Facebook; Georges Harik, early Google director; Dipchand Nishar, ex-Google director and current VP of Products at LinkedIn; Keval Desai, VP of Digg; Aydin Senkut from Felicity Ventures; Greg Lee from XG Ventures; David Hirsch from Metamorphic Ventures; and active ex-Google angel investors Richard Chen, Thomas Korte and David Scacco.

We are also very excited to have on-board Robert Scoble (http://scobleizer.com) and Louis Gray (http://blog.louisgray.com) have joined the MyLikes Advisory Board. As strategic advisors, both Scoble and Gray can provide valuable insight on how to effectively recruit influencers on the web, as well as how to fine tune the MyLikes platform to meet the needs of today's blogger. Gokul Rajaram, founder of ChaiLabs and the "Godfather of AdSense" (http://www.crunchbase.com/person/gokul-rajaram), is also joining the advisory board to provide feedback and guidance on the advertising model.


  1. This is excellent news! Congratulations!

    Dale Little

  2. Awesome! I am liking "MyLikes" tremendously and looking forward to the future growth.

  3. Hi,
    i signed up for a milikes account when mylikes was actually likaholix and to tell u the truth my paypal balance is flocking with payments from mylikes

    but the only problem is that the site maintenance has to update the influence score every week which it dosent!

  4. I like the idea of $2 minimum payout :)
    FB integration was a cool step, now waiting for the Buzz integration as I have quite a decent followship on buzz as well

  5. I am just getting those sutpid frisk ads nothing else what happened? They won't give me any other ads to post................sick of it.

  6. Also you email them a question and they never return with an answer

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