Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why MyLikes over other ads?

MyLikes is based on the simple principle that the publisher is the expert when it comes to understanding their audience. With MyLikes, publishers who are bloggers and twitter users - Influencers - can promote relevant brands and products they like to their audience and make advertising more engaging and fun both for themselves and for their audience.

Influencers on MyLikes can tailor the ad-message to appeal to their audience and earn money for themselves or their preferred charity with every click.

For new users, we compute a MyLikes influence score that is based on engagement metrics including number of re-tweets, friend/follower ratio, twitter reach etc. The MyLikes influence score is constantly refined based on the effectiveness of the Sponsored Likes created. This influence score is used to determine the earnings-per-click for each Influencer.

By directly paying out Influencers, we reward the people who are the heart of every social media site for engaging their audience with relevant and useful Sponsored Likes. Influencers may choose to donate their earnings to a charity of their choice.

Advertisers benefit from MyLikes when their fans promote them to their followers and friends. When compared to other ad-platforms, MyLikes are more personal, engaging and effective.

1 comment:

  1. i signed up for a milikes account when mylikes was actually likaholix and to tell u the truth my paypal balance is flocking with payments from mylikes

    but the only problem is that the site maintenance has to update the influence score every week which it dosent!