Friday, June 10, 2011

A MyLikes Makeover

MyLikes just got a makeover! It is that time of year after all. The warmer weather of the Summer months makes people want to shake things up and try on something new, and MyLikes is amongst those looking for a little change!

MyLikes is now sporting a brand new look and logo, and we're pretty excited about it! When deciding on the new logo, a very good question came to mind. Why have one heart when you can have many? The three hearts on the logo represent the diverse array of products and brands we offer social publishers like you to to share with your audience.

Now, everyone knows that whats on the outside isn't all that matters. We've made some changes to the inside too! We want to make using MyLikes as easy and fun as possible, so we've made a couple changes to eliminate confusion.

Whether you're posting on Twitter or uploading videos on YouTube, sharing interesting and fun content with your friends and followers (not to mention making money for it!) has never been so simple!

What do YOU think of the new logo and look?

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